“The World is a fairy tale, and we are its Guardians.”

Hail and well met!

We are the Company of Merchant Adventurers and Guardians of Sterling, a working guild of “playtrons” – regular patrons who enjoy “playing” garbed, and in-character – who act as background support for the wonderful cast and performers of the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, New York.

We are a Free Company of traders, merchants, craftsfolk, scoundrels, privateers, explorers, and mercenaries who have made the fictional 16th century shire of Sterling, England our home base. Our membership represents a cross-section of various ages, cultures, and background. We are here headquartered within this small town in Elizabethan England to celebrate the touring Queen and her Court and to provide what assistance we can to the villagers of the shire.

We are the figures in the background, the guardians of the joust arena. We are those who blend in behind those wonderful characters you meet in the village itself, tending to their health and hydration and helping to quietly insure the safety and security of the land.

We are those patrons and playtrons who love our shire of Sterling, but cannot for whatever reason commit to being a villager or nobleperson or performer. We still wish to give of our time and support to their noble endeavors, while still enjoying all that the shire has to offer its visitors.

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