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Membership for the 2023 New York Renaissance Faire season is now open!

Interested? Please complete the quick form below; tell us just a little bit about yourself, and why you’d want to be a member of the Company! An administrator will get back to you shortly.

The Company of Merchant Adventurers and Guardians of Sterling (“Guardians”) is a membership (fee required) guild of participants that caters to the cast, participants and family audience of the New York Renaissance Faire. Membership is open to all those with a passion for semi-historical re-enactment, a love of Renaissance and Medieval festivals, a flair for fantasy and imagination, and adherence to codes of standards for behavior. We are a working guild whose primary role is to assist the cast and performers of the New York Renaissance Faire (See “What We Do“).

Members must provide their own period-appropriate outfits, transportation to and from the New York Renaissance Faire, and must be able to commit to a minimum number of working hours. Camping overnight on site is not permitted. Period-appropriate outfits are defined as: medieval or Renaissance period clothing suitable for comfort and working in an outdoor environment. Some form of head covering must be worn at all times; hats, hoods, snoods, and wraps are all acceptable examples. No sneakers or “modern” looking footwear or clothing allowed. Women must wear some form of dress or skirt, which can be hiked up and leggings/pants worn underneath. Modern technology must be kept out of sight of visiting patrons. Halloween-style costumes, or IP/licensed character representations, are not permitted; please visit the Costuming page for guidance.

The Company does not base acceptance of membership on race, gender, religion, political beliefs or affiliation.  The Company is secular and apolitical in all practices.  

While on the grounds of the New York Renaissance Faire, you are acting as a participant representative of the Faire, Renaissance Entertainment Productions, and the Company of Merchant Adventurers and Guardians of Sterling. No drinking of alcohol (including participation in “Pub Crawl”) is permitted during a working day. Unacceptable behavior such as drunkenness, drug use, or any other illegal substances, fighting or foul language will not be tolerated at any time or place on faire grounds. There will be no smoking or vaping of any kind on grounds unless you have a period pipe. Smoking is allowed out of patron’s sight in our designated member area.

Failure to comply will result in official counseling or immediate termination of your membership.

Members must carry their ID with them at all times while at faire. If you lose your ID, you must contact your Director immediately and there will be a charge from the main office.

Your membership fee is not a “free pass” into the Faire; we are a working guild, and even while not working a specific event or task please remember that your behavior will reflect on the Faire and the Company. Any violation of the terms of your participation may result in a cancellation of guild membership and a revocation of participant passes.

We accept new membership applications for upcoming seasons year-round, with applications being accepted up through mid-September for current seasons. Late-season applications will be considered on an individual basis.

The management of Guardians, the New York Renaissance Faire and/or Renaissance Entertainment Productions reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership without refund at any time and for any reason up to and including displays of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious prostelization, political activism, or historical revisionism.

Membership Dues for the 2023 Season are $100 per person (subject to change). While on site, you will be expected to check in with the Company and work part of your day (hours TBD and may vary based on roll attendance), with the rest of the day given freedom to enjoy the Faire (responsibly!)

PLEASE NOTE: anyone found violating these terms will be dismissed from the Guild, and your pass confiscated with no refund of membership fee expected.

Each member is also given an “off” day to enjoy the Faire as a patron; please schedule arrangements in advance with the Company Captain, and on such a day we ask that if possible you change your outfit from your standard “persona” so there is no confusion on whether you are working or not.

Interested in being a part of the Company? Just fill out this simple request form and we’ll reach out to you soon as we can!