As a member of the Company, just the pleasure of knowing you’ve contributed back to the Faire you love is its own reward. Seeing the grateful relief on a Cast member’s face as you appear with a cold refill of water for their goblet on a hot August day is incredibly satisfying!

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Membership has its privileges…but they aren’t free. The Company is a participant support guild, with annual dues required for membership*. A portion of your dues goes to the management organization, Renaissance Entertainment Productions while the rest stays with the Company, to assist with improvements and the seasonal/weekly needs of the Company itself.

As a member however, you may also be eligible to receive the following* with your dues payment:

  • A Company of Merchant Adventurers and Guardians of Sterling pewter pin
  • Participant ID as a representative of the New York Renaissance Faire
  • Free parking in designated Staff/Participant area
  • Two complimentary comp tickets to use for family or friends
  • Option to purchase additional NYRF tickets at participant discount prices
  • Shaded private rest area behind our Guildhall encampment
  • Use of private handicapped-sized privy (port-o-john)
  • Complimentary water/electrolytes drink
  • Access to pre-Faire language & improv classes available
  • Limited day-use of storage space for personal items
  • Members-Only Social Activities
  • Discounted admission to other Renaissance Entertainment Production Faires with ID (Bristol, Southern Cal)
  • Being a part of the Magic behind the scenes

*subject to change, benefits shown are as of 2021

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